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For centuries, tarot and oracle cards have offered insight into our human experience. The messages of the cards aid us in decision making, navigating relationships, career and personal goals, and every other aspect of our journey. Our angelic team is able to communicate with us and provide the guidance and wisdom our souls crave as we evolve towards enlightenment, while gifting us with a sense of happiness and peace along the way.

For the “big picture” perspective of your life…

Gain a new understanding of the events that have occurred in your life; discover the blind spots that have been holding you back and causing you complications; illuminate the strengths, wisdom, and skills you’ve acquired along the way; up-level into your most EMPOWERED SELF. One hour session. $65

For making the right call in the current moment

Connect with your Spirit Guides and Angels for insight into your current status. You’ll learn the archetypes that people in your life are working with, giving you a better understanding of why people do what they do and say what they say. You’ll end the reading with a clear view of the path forward based on the advice of your Guides. One hour session. $65

Let your natal birth chart be your guide…

Your natal birth chart is a tremendously valuable tool in developing self-awareness and a deeper understanding of who you are. Your unique personality, strengths, interests, and skills are designed to be wielded as your magic wands in this lifetime. Discover how your planets, signs, and houses interact, empower you, and equip you with all the insight you need to live your most powerful life. 90 minute session. $150
This unique reading is a collaborative experience for children 12+ years of age and their family members.
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A Soul Purpose reading is a deep exploration of who you are based on your personal astrology, archetypes of expression, and wisdom from your guides. This is a perfect reading for someone who wants to understand themselves better and gain clarity on their purpose during this lifetime. Click here to book a reading.

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Connection is everything. Gather your tribe and grow together.

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My love…I cannot begin to thank you…your gift is simply magnificent…I have such peace right now…I’m going to focus on that and be mindful to go back there when I feel I’m sliding…you have no idea how much absolutely resonated with me. My body is still buzzing with energy!!! Thank you again!!!


Oh my gosh, I am speechless. Your words resonated so much with me. It’s funny because I do have an older male friend/mentor who gives me advice with my music I’m working on, and the letting go resonated with multiple situations right now. Thank you Lauren. I’d definitely like to have more readings in the future!


I’ve always been unsure about tarot cards or how they even worked. Listening to you explain them and how they make sense is honestly beautiful. I got so much information in my reading-I never imagined it would have been that thorough! It was nice to hear I’m on the right path and there is so much more coming. Thank you for everything.


Lauren has a strong energy that hones in on what you need that moment. Her readings are guided, honest and always insightful. She doesn’t sugarcoat but shows you what the pain and struggle can bring. Her passion is obvious and persistent, always wanting you to personally connect with the cards. You will walk away full of knowledge, guided by truth and ready to heal and connect. -Kristie

Wow, I’m in tears!!!! Everything seemed to be so directly significant in what going on in my life, how I’m feeling, the decisions I am facing to make my life nothing but positive. I love the reading and I am finding myself at peace a lot more then I ever did. Thank you so much! ~Lori


Hello! My name is Lauren. Thanks for being here! I have loved Tarot my entire life! Inspired by my Aunt Annie as a child, I have always loved connecting and conversing with Spirit through the cards. The cards are the tool-Spirit is the teacher.

I am an energy healer, writer, speaker, and teacher who is devoted to helping people awaken to the truth, power, and wisdom that lives encoded within their Soul’s DNA. We are each here for a purpose and deserve to live in our most empowered state.

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