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For centuries, tarot and oracle cards have offered insight into our human experience. The messages of the cards aid us in decision making, navigating relationships, career and personal goals, and every other aspect of our journey. Our angelic team is able to communicate with us and provide the guidance and wisdom our souls crave as we evolve towards enlightenment, while gifting us with a sense of happiness and peace along the way.

A general Soul Strength reading is fantastic way to sit down and chat with your Spirit Guides and Angels. This reading uses a variety of tarot and oracle decks, as well as runes and astrology, to explore the most important messages your spirit team has for you right now. This reading is perfect if you are in need of clarity and direction or are looking to understand the circumstances in your life. A Soul Strength reading will leave you feeling clearer and more empowered to move forward in life. 60-minute session $65 Click here for more information.

Connect with your ancestors for the perfect advice and insight you are needing at this time. This reading will introduce you to your specific guide, or guides, from within your family lineage that have stepped forward to work with you right now! You will learn the role that they played in your family (in their most recent incarnation), the energies and experiences that they worked with and mastered within their own lifetime, and the type of assistance that they are here to give you at this time! Each of these passed on souls has a much broader perspective from the other side than what was available to them during their embodiment, and they are eager to help us access this wisdom and advice as we encounter similar challenges in our current daily life. 60-minute session $75 Click here to book this reading.

This reading is an analysis of your natal birth chart that will look at your personal archetypes of survival and expression in this lifetime. We will look at how your major placements and conjunctions give you the unique perspective you have this lifetime, personality traits, strengths, areas of challenge, and specific healing work that you have chosen to do. 90-minute session $150 Click here for more information.

A Soul Purpose reading is a deep exploration of who you are based on your personal astrology, archetypes of expression, and wisdom from your guides. This is a perfect reading for someone who wants to understand themselves better and gain clarity on their purpose during this lifetime. You will end this reading with a clear knowing of who you are at the Soul level, the energy gifts you give to the world, and a new understanding of what it means to live your life in alignment with your authentic self. 90-minute reading. $100 Click here to book a reading.

A Soul Coaching session is much like a therapy session, only it will involve looking at your current circumstances through the eyes of your Soul. We will discuss whatever is going on in your life and let your team of Angels and Guides give their input. This session involves a unique combination of Lauren’s intuitive reading skills, aspects of your personal astrology, such as your north node and sun placements, spiritual and energetic principals, and archetypal wisdom that can be immediately applied to your perspectives and the actions you take moving forward. Click here to book a reading.

This unique reading is a collaborative experience for children 12+ years of age and their family members. As a master educator for 21+ years, Lauren loves to teach kids about the magic of who they are and there is no better time than adolescence to support their well-being through messages of empowerment, self-confidence, and emotional intelligence through a tarot reading. The tarot is, after all, based in Jungian psychology and lends itself to the deep conversations and teachings in self-awareness that teenagers need, delivered through a Divine tool that teens find intriguing! Click here for more information. 

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Connection is everything. Gather your tribe and grow together.

Click here for more information on group sessions, gatherings, Goddess Circles, and Healing Circles in the NJ/PA area. Online events are also available.

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My love…I cannot begin to thank you…your gift is simply magnificent…I have such peace right now…I’m going to focus on that and be mindful to go back there when I feel I’m sliding…you have no idea how much absolutely resonated with me. My body is still buzzing with energy!!! Thank you again!!!


Oh my gosh, I am speechless. Your words resonated so much with me. It’s funny because I do have an older male friend/mentor who gives me advice with my music I’m working on, and the letting go resonated with multiple situations right now. Thank you Lauren. I’d definitely like to have more readings in the future!


I’ve always been unsure about tarot cards or how they even worked. Listening to you explain them and how they make sense is honestly beautiful. I got so much information in my reading-I never imagined it would have been that thorough! It was nice to hear I’m on the right path and there is so much more coming. Thank you for everything.


Lauren has a strong energy that hones in on what you need that moment. Her readings are guided, honest and always insightful. She doesn’t sugarcoat but shows you what the pain and struggle can bring. Her passion is obvious and persistent, always wanting you to personally connect with the cards. You will walk away full of knowledge, guided by truth and ready to heal and connect. -Kristie

Wow, I’m in tears!!!! Everything seemed to be so directly significant in what going on in my life, how I’m feeling, the decisions I am facing to make my life nothing but positive. I love the reading and I am finding myself at peace a lot more then I ever did. Thank you so much! ~Lori


Hello! My name is Lauren. Thanks for being here! I have loved Tarot my entire life! Inspired by my Aunt Annie as a child, I have always loved connecting and conversing with Spirit through the cards. The cards are the tool-Spirit is the teacher.

I am an energy healer, writer, speaker, and teacher who is devoted to helping people awaken to the truth, power, and wisdom that lives encoded within their Soul’s DNA. We are each here for a purpose and deserve to live in our most empowered state.

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