Soul Food: Learning for the Soul

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“Soul food” is the label we give to the universal truths and spiritual principles that are a necessity on our journey of healing and expansion. The more we connect with the truth that we are SPIRITS having a HUMAN experience, the more layers of pain, judgement, and confusion we can release. As humans, we tend to accumulate limiting beliefs that block our access to our highest potential. Imagine living your life with the understanding that you can be the “technician” of your own destiny simply by understanding how you operate, through your chakras and energy system to your personal astrology and beyond.

Join me for the workshops that call to your heart and explore the spiritual principles, teachings, and tools to help keep you grounded in faith and that can assist you in tapping into the innate wisdom that your Higher Self is always guiding you to discover.

Upcoming Workshops

Sigils are simple line drawings that hold space for and visually represent a person’s intention for healing, self-awareness, or change. The value of creating a sigil lies in its process: the time and attention you give to its creation is where the activation of its power occurs! This healing could be physical or emotional. You can make different sigils to represent different intentions throughout your lifetime. The process of creating a sigil with a specific intention is an act of “co-creation” with your higher self.

Each participant will receive a digital/printable Healing Sigil workbook and reference guide and a recording of the workshop for future reference. Participants will learn universal symbols based on numerology, astrology, tarot, and runes as they are guided to create a unique, chakra-based personal sigil. This interactive workshop will use tarot, oracle, runes, and color energy to inspire each participant create a sigil that holds the exact energy they need in this current moment of their life for healing, clearing, and empowering them to move forward in the direction of their goals.

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