Tarot for Teens

This collaborative reading is designed to increase the self-esteem and confidence of children and teens 12 years or older. As a middle school educator for the past 19 years, I’ve seen firsthand how messages delivered from a place of love, compassion, and understanding can transform a child’s perspective of themselves. The messages from Spirit in this reading will provide an understanding of themselves, give them insight into their strengths and experiences, shine light on the emotions they are currently going through, and uplift them with a sense of personal power and soul esteem.

Have your teen choose some or all of the following topics to explore in this reading: mindset, friendships/relationships, self-image/body image, skills, talents, inner genius yet to be explored, emotional challenges, advice from Spirit for increasing self-confidence, emotional regulation, and connection

This reading consists of three parts:

  1. A consultation with parents/family focusing on the specific needs or concerns for the teen receiving the reading.
  2. A recorded video reading for the teen and family (approximately 45-60 minutes in length)
  3. A summary containing the core themes, messages, and advice that came through during the reading. This printable PDF will also provide talking points and suggestions for the family to continue the emotional support and connection that is in everyone’s highest good.

Tarot For Teens Reading

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