An In-Depth Guide To Walk You Through the Days Ahead…

Align and attune to your most empowered state for 2021.

Using the sacred art of Divination through tarot and healing crystals, your Spirit Guides will take us on an exploration of the energies that will be at play for you in the year ahead. You will gain insight into the themes and life lessons that will be interwoven into each sector of your life: relationships, career, finances, spirituality and well-being.

This reading is channeled during a sacred ritual process inspired and guided by Lauren’s Spirit team, infused with her unique energy and crystal healing techniques, and drawn for you with the intention of achieving your Soul’s highest potential for the year ahead.

If you are ready for massive shifts in your life, this book will create a whole new perspective for you. The events you experience, the people you are surrounded by, and the beautiful wisdom and growth that is available to you at every turn will shine through the messages Lauren receives as she creates your personal book.

This guide is meant to be referenced all year long, through each season and each month, as it activates dormant, energetic expansions that are simply waiting to be engaged, as your Higher Self becomes a daily companion. You will learn to recognize and work with your Divine Masculine and Feminine energies, as well as the archetypes of thinking and behaviors that will serve you best during different times of the year.

You can expect aha moments around the blind spots that have been causing you complications, as well as the advice from your guides on how to unblock stuck energy and get things flowing in a healthy state of trust and surrender as you work through the personal journal pages included in this guidebook.

Choose the perfect package for you below and commit to having your most empowered and enlightened year yet! *A nonrefundable deposit is required at the time of booking. Payment plans are optional.

Here is what Kelle has to say about her 2020 Playbook…

I’m OBSESSED with this book/journal/ guide. Let’s be honest 2020 has really sucked and in the beginning of the year I wrote in it all the time and had so many “aha” moments… and I was feeling super grateful. But then the world as you know… flipped upside down and it’s been chaos since. But there in lies the beauty of this magic book. It’s a personal, safe and divinely aligned book about YOU. Not the world, not everything going on around you.. but everything that is or needs to be going on INSIDE of you. So it’s ok if you’re not feeling so grateful everyday.. and it’s ok to feel shitty about things. Write down the good , the bad and everything in between. Write ALL OF IT DOWN and keep going.
I love that there’s tarot readings for every season and you can flip back to them to enjoy over and over again and that there’s an overall yearly message. But even more importantly, there’s an incredible layout of activities, lists, free space, and just ideas to get your thoughts or creativeness out onto the page effortlessly. It’s an extremely personal and intimate book that really makes you dig deep and gives you the tools to get there. I won’t share too many specifics because it’s so personal but I will say the messages, cards and vibe of this book has been so spot on that it’s really amazing. It has been a book I’ve gone back to time and time again since receiving it and I find myself looking back to honor and acknowledge what I’ve learned while still continuing to add more. I still have the Fall to look forward to and all the  magic it’ll bring but even after that… I know I’ll keep this book forever. 


From Dana…

I have known Lauren for many years and have always seen her as a beautiful soul, a healer and a fantastic teacher.  When she was offering a 2020 Personal Tarot Spread I jumped at the chance.  In hindsight who would have known what a crazy year 2020 would be.  When I received my reading, I was so amazed by how thorough and beautiful it was.  Lauren also took the time to sit down with me and explain what was in the book, which was so helpful.  As I read through it was clear by the detail in every page that this was not just ‘thrown together’.  You could see how much she truly cared about the message she was receiving from Spirit and how much she cared about the person who was receiving the message. 

Regarding the messages in my reading – I have to say, they were so incredibly accurate!  This past year has not been easy on anyone and we have all had to learn how to navigate this new world. I am a Speech Language Pathologist at a private school for children with Autism. My world and job were turned upside down in March. I was struggling with how I was going to be able to continue to work with my students. When I revisited my book in the Spring, I was excited to see that Lauren’s reading was, once again, exactly right- which gave me the confidence to push through the craziness and tap into my creative side!  I will forever be grateful for Lauren and the 2020 reading she gave me.  Lauren is not only a beautiful soul, but she has a true gift to help others.  She has such a strong connection to Spirit and it shows by how passionate she is when delivers a reading. 

Lauren completed a tarot card reading for my 2020 year. We met to review the year and my booklet. I referenced my booklet many times throughout the year, especially the lessons from my seasonal spirit goddesses. Whenever I was struggling, I would open to my page about family and my goals for 2020 to help remind me that I was on the divine path. My spirit goddesses always gave me strength and focus on love and gratitude. The animal spirits appeared often throughout my year and reminded my to repeat my mantra. This was my first tarot card reading and will not be my last. Looking forward to doing one again for 2021. 


Lauren’s Year Tarot Card spread for 2020 was insightful and accurate. Her spread covering the entire year had me going back again and again to review what is coming up and review the months I had experienced in retrospect. The themes, symbolism and seasonal expansions created so much intrigue going into the year then proved themselves out season after season.

Hindsight being 20/20 the challenging situation that showed up in the reading for the spring was spot on and handling the year overall was the best advice I could have gotten!

Thanks Lauren!


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The Magician’s Playbook Reading

Activate the power that lives inside you as you discover how to create your reality using your thoughts and energy! This package includes a recorded video reading for you to reference throughout the year, personalized journal pages (printable) designed especially for you to work with the energies of your year, and the Soul Strength Numerology of 2021 Guide for working with the FIVE Universal Year energy! $225

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The High Priestess Playbook

Ignite your intuition as you connect with your higher self each day, creating a trust and a sense of peace, knowing that you are more than enough and fully capable of achieving all that you dream of in 2021.

This package includes your 2021 Playbook as a downloadable and printable PDF book, complete with beautiful images of your cards and the crystals used to amplify the energy throughout your reading. You’ll receive personal, customized journal pages included for actively working with the energy of your year and you’ll receive the Soul Strength Numerology of 2021 Guide for working with the FIVE Universal Year energy! Finally, you have the choice between a pre-recorded or live session with Lauren as she walks you through the details of your reading. $555

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The Star Playbook for Healing and Expansion

This complete package supports your healing and growth on the quantum level! The Star playbook uses energy healing principles, ancient wisdom, and assistance from the Angelic realm to guide you both on the conscious level and subconscious level, allowing you to experience the most rapid and profound changes that your Soul is ready for at this time.

This package includes your 2021 Playbook as a downloadable and printable PDF book, complete with beautiful images of your cards and the crystals Lauren used to amplify the energy in your reading. Your customized journal pages are included for actively working with the energy of your year. You’ll also receive the Soul Strength Numerology of 2021 Guide with additional journal pages for manifesting! Lauren will guide you through the details of your reading and spiritual insights during a 1-1/2 hour consultation. Finally, you will also receive a 1-year subscription The Soul Strength Community Membership page, featuring monthly Guided Meditations, Energy Healings, Manifesting Rituals, and Soul Code Activation videos (available only for the Star package). $775

The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. -Caroline Myss

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