Ancestral Tarot Readings

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The ancestors long to come through in celebration of the work we are doing here in this lifetime because they know that our life’s path and Soul mission is not just for our own growth and expansion, but also for the evolution and healing within our family lineage. 

The souls who have come before us bring the wisdom, rituals, beliefs, and insight they acquired during the very different times they incarnated. Generations in the past worked with different levels of consciousness. They learned their lessons, made their choices, and expanded and grew according to their own Soul mission. Now, from the other side, they have a 20/20 view of their own life and how the choices they made and the emotions they mastered played a role in their learning and growth and they are always by our side, giving us their insight, whether we are conscious of this or not!

It is in this spirit that they come through in this ancestral reading with advice and wisdom to share with you now.  They know that you have chosen to live in this very unique time period, with its set of challenging energetics. As you work through your personal blueprint for growth as an individual, your ancestors are honoring the journey you are on and recognize the expansion and healing that you are achieving for yourself and for your family as a whole. Your loved ones who have come before you seek to help you evolve the family line in your own unique way. 

This reading will help you understand…

-the bigger perspective of your life in this moment

-what your specific set of challenges are REALLY here to offer you 

-what your HIGHEST POTENTIAL is at this time for self-mastery and healing

-the ancestor(s) that are assisting you right now

-the specific karmic energies that you are working through

-the specific wisdom and advice coming from your ancestors

-the fears holding you back and how to release them

-the blessings that are available through your current circumstances 

*Note, this is NOT a mediumship reading. The ancestral energy that is channeled will not come through as a specific person that you may have known in this lifetime. Although that is possible, it is not a guarantee. The souls who come through are based on who is able to provide the most help at this time and you may not have a personal connection due to how far back they may be in your family line.  

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