Soul Purpose Reading

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“What is my purpose for living?”

So many of us ask ourselves that throughout our lifetime. When life feels overwhelming, discouraging, or bleak, we wonder…what’s it all for? Am I contributing something great? Do I even have something to contribute? How does “little old me” make an impact? And what type of impact matters?

If you are asking yourself questions like this, then this reading can help you. One of the biggest misconceptions is that our “purpose” is tied to our career or our family. We think the word “purpose” must mean that we need to have something to show for the effort we put forth…but that mentality is based on being human, where productivity and success are measured and quantified by sources outside of ourselves.

Our true “purpose” is our Soul’s mission, which can include, but will NOT be limited to career and family! Our mission in this lifetime is unique to the growth, expansion, and healing we are seeking from our limitless Soul perspective. It’s a plan we came up with and goals we set BEFORE we incarnated…and our fulfillment of this mission cannot be assessed by regular, human egoic judgement!

You see, before we came down to have this divine human experience, our Soul knew what would be best for us to shine our light and practice the art of CREATION. This includes the agreements we’ve made with other Souls in terms of the relationship dynamics we play out, the support we give, the lessons we help facilitate for each other, the experiences we want to have, the locations we want to visit, and the culture/community that we are born into.

Every single aspect of our life is a divinely aligned component of the bigger picture of our Soul’s mission. This reading will help you see your life experience, personality traits, affinities, interests, and relationships through new eyes and give you the illumination you are looking for when you ask “What is my purpose?”

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