Therapeutic Astrology Session

“The ancient and perennial art of astrology provides a framework, revealing the person’s internal dynamics and optimal developmental path. It is no less than a description of the rhythms of the universe and a map of the intrinsic wholeness of the individual.” -Greg Bogart, Ph.D.

At the exact moment you made your debut into the world, the sky celebrated your arrival. The planets and stars were all in place, perfectly situated to support YOU during your lifetime. These celestial energies live inside you as a unique “soul code” that contributes much of what makes you- YOU.

The foundational principle of therapeutic astrology is that every planetary position is precisely designed for you to use a navigation tool throughout the seasons of your life. Carl Jung, the late world-renowned psychotherapist, believed that incorporating client’s birth chart information into psychotherapy was a tool that deserved to be explored and utilized to assist in healing the “whole” person. He found synchronicities, or patterns, that existed between the birth chart information and human personality. These synchronicities demonstrated the capacity to “prepare” and “equip” people with insight that better supported them through their daily circumstances.

Prior to your appointment, Lauren will do a deep exploration of your natal birth chart that will shine light on important aspects of your personality, strengths, skills, and affinities…all of the “details” that exist to support you in all aspects of your life, from birth to death. During this session, we will look at the prominent placements that have the greatest impact on your human experiences around identity and self-awareness, finances, family and relationships, health and well-being, career, and spirituality. Sessions will be recorded for you to refer back to when needed.

Last night, I had my astrological birth chart done, by this POWERHOUSE!🌟🌟

I can honestly say, she brought so much CLARITY into my whole life.. 🙏

If you have ever had any interest in how the stars and planets aligned on the day you were born, and what that means for your existence/purpose, I can honestly recommend this beautiful soul!


I had lost myself for quite some time. This reading gave me back my self- empowerment of who I am and who I have always been. It gave me the confidence to realize this is me- it’s always who I have been, and I give myself the permission to keep shining my light with my heart open- that is where my strength is so just keep being me! I believe in me.

It’s also given me acknowledgement on things that I have always been drawn to do but due to outside influences have questioned myself so I will now be delving into learning about practices of the green witch and developing psychic abilities. Thank you with my open-heart Lauren ❤️


I feel like I can go into this year knowing I am more supported than ever.

– JD 

I now completely understand the reason why certain things happened throughout my life, things that I was completely baffled by. I now know why I attracted the things about past myself and had no idea at the time…I now have a very clear understanding of all of those things. I was totally blown away by everything Lauren revealed in my reading. Lauren was so spot on. I now have an amazing, beautiful understanding of – my personality; the person I am today; the things that drive me; and the influences in my life. I’m no longer wondering why I am the way I am and am now celebrating and embracing me, even more so! I didn’t think that was possible…this reading has changed everything for me in a very positive way! Having a deeper understanding of why we do things, changes how we see ourselves and our life! Thank you Lauren for your beautiful gift, you’re amazing and I’m very grateful for you and your gift! -Kath

Working with Lauren through this therapeutic astrology session was such a positive one. Her personality is very warm and she comes from a strengths based and empowering perspective. I learned quite a bit about my natal birth chart and how my personality and traits have been shaped and how they continue to impact me today. My goal for the session was to develop some new insights as I am at a stage of my life where a lot of changes are happening and I am trying to move in the right direction. This session was so helpful with this and definitely met my expectations.

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