Tis the Season…

The holidays can bring so much joy, love, and festivities…but they can also bring up difficult memories and emotions. Many people struggle with grief and sadness of years past.

This is why I’ve teamed up with my sister and fellow intuitive reader, Christine Malkmus, of Hummingbird Food, Body Wisdom Coaching, to create a special reading, designed to lift spirits and shift your focus on the PRESENT moment.

This 15 minute reading will look at your blessings in the current moment, bringing your attention to what IS working in your life. We will explore the love that surrounds you, the resources that you have, and the gifts that your current circumstances are bringing you. We will then look ahead to the coming months to see the GOOD that is in store for you, gifting you with the optimism that you deserve and the peace that comes from knowing you are loved and guided always, most especially during this poignant time of year.

To book a reading with Christine, click here.

To book a reading with Lauren, click here.

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